New resource teaches school students to understand what’s really going on ‘behind their screens’

Teacher Pack – The Social Dilemma

“Everything you are doing online is being tracked, watched, every single action you take is monitored thoroughly.”

There are some films which everyone should see. In particular, there are some films which every school student should see. The Social Dilemma is one of those films.

Teacher Pack – The Social Dilemma equips teachers with all that’s needed to unpack the key messages of this powerful film with classes.

This comprehensive resource pack has been designed to enable teachers to deliver high-quality and impactful learning experiences for students, as they engage with this hugely important documentary film (released by Netflix in early September 2020), which explores the dangerous human impacts of social networking and how our attention is gained, maintained and used by these platforms.

What’s included:
The pack includes three digital resources ready for immediate download and use with students:
• Teacher Guide (14 pages) – unit plan, answer guide to student booklet, inquiry questions, assignment/extension activities
• Student Booklet (10 pages) – pre-, during, post-viewing activities
• Teaching PowerPoint (21 slides) – what is a documentary, individual/group activities related to the documentary, going beyond the documentary (external links)
Recommended for use with students 13+ years (Years 7-12)

What teachers are saying:
“Every secondary school student needs to see this film and having this teaching package means I have everything I need to provide my students with an excellent range of learning experiences, with such real-world application. Better yet, aside from downloading the files, all of the preparation is done. What a win!” Donna, Senior Secondary Teacher

Why I created this resource:
I viewed The Social Dilemma shortly after its release and its messages resonated very strongly with me. It’s such a powerful film with numerous thought-provoking and important takeaways, including hope for the future. Since then, I’ve spent many hours thinking about the film and talking with others about it, which led me to create this Teacher Pack for use in schools with students. My hope is that teaching the film becomes part of school curriculum across Australia to help students understand what’s really going on ‘behind their screens’.

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