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Say just enough. Say it with simplicity, with beauty and with meaning.

Welcome to White Space Words.

It’s a place where every word matters.  But where saying less can say more.

Here, you’ll find resources for teachers and parents to engage, educate and inspire, with an emphasis on simplicity, beauty and meaning.

You’ll also find ‘white space’ – defined as ‘a key element in design, providing a resting place for the eyes’.

Escape the crowded page.  Embrace the open space.

For Teachers

  • Complete teaching units and resources for films, playscripts and novels
  • Resources to support student well-being

For Parents

  • Support your child's reading journey
  • Inspire positivity with posters and printables
  • Dress your tech


  • How many words does it take to say 'just enough'?
  • Finding space and taking time in teaching

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Just as White Space Words is dedicated to the use of words for making the world a better place for all, LIVIN is an Australian charity organisation which helps promote wellness and positive living for young people through awareness and early education programs. White Space Words is committed to supporting LIVIN to continue their very important work. To do so, we donate 5% of our annual profits to this charity.